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FLIR creates new competitive advantages by seeing their ip assets from a multidimensional perspective

Prior to the launch of new product generations, the company faced new challenges. Setting IP as the primary focus has brought about not only insights into what can be patented but also created completely new competitive advantages.

About FLIR
FLIR is a world leader within the design, manufacturing and marketing of thermal cameras and infrared measurement devices. Their products are used within a range of applications that place high demands on accuracy or where external conditions require exact and reliable measurement.

What can be protected with a patent?
A product or feature does not necessarily need to be ground-breaking to warrant a patent or design protection. In fact, unique technical and design-based solutions are often possible to protect and worth protecting.

IP creates energy and success

Creating a new product generation means tremendous stresses on an organization. By having those that develop, manufacture and make IP decisions cooperate together, a company can create the right conditions for a successful launch.

Identifying all types of IP assets

The new products were aimed more at the consumer market and this required a new approach. IPQ contributed with a systematic way of working and with a clear knowledge of IP. By working together with different expertise within the company e.g. marketing, technology and IP – IPQ helped identify and create IP assets that are relevant for the new product range.

This was the result

By having identified and protected their IP assets in new and more numerous ways, FLIR was able to more securely enter into new collaborations and launch new types of products on the market.

“I am extremely pleased with IPQ. They are a modern patent agency that doesn’t just write patents, but that contribute a lot regarding tactics when registering patents and handling patent conflicts with competitors in other countries.”

Torbjörn Hamrelius, VP Product Manager, FLIR